My Side of the Story

I’m going to share my side of the story.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Callee, co-owner and social media manager of Archival Brewing. My husband, Levi, and I started the brewery in the summer of 2021 after years of planning. Having met in culinary school at GRCC, we have a shared passion for all things food and beverage. 

In all honesty, restaurant ownership was never my goal. Archival has always been, in whatever form, Levi’s dream. My particular background has taken me around the world, cooking abroad, while also gaining extensive experience right here in Grand Rapids. So after figuring out years ago that Levi and I wanted to start a life together, it only made sense for me to be part of the brewery. Little did I know what that would mean.

In the beginning stages of the brewery, I took the position of assistant brewer, filling a need we hadn’t yet met. Learning the ins and outs of brewing helped build my passion for craft beer (albeit with blood, sweat, and plenty of tears) and furthered my sense of pride in ownership. After hiring a full time assistant brewer, I started helping out when and where needed, and eventually settled into my main role as social media manager where I currently devote 90% of my time.

My goal for Archival is to share with you more of what we do here everyday, and how happy we are to be a part of this great community. Whether it’s our grain-to-glass beer, house made gluten free meads and ciders, food features from our scratch-made menu, to our various in-house events, I want to help tell a story for the archives. 

Our beer centers around historic recipes, telling tales of long past cultures, brewing techniques, and how society functioned during different parts of history. 

Our food is a testament to the great resources in our community with everything made in-house, sourcing ingredients from greater Grand Rapids and Michigan, as a whole. 

Our events focus on our community, at large, showcasing local musicians, creating fun activities for every age, and encouraging guests to make new friends every day.

Archival to me is a community effort. Everything Levi and I have learned and everyone we have met leading up to this venture has helped build the community Archival has become a part of.

So join us. Bring your family. Make new friends. We’re on this journey together. You’re welcome to join us, today and every day.