We take pride in Utilizing local resources to craft both our brews and menu in sustainable ways, and we are intentionally cultivating community in every aspect.

who we are

Archival’s beginnings are anchored strongly in West Michigan as the owner, Levi, grew up in Spring Lake and his wife, Callee, in Grand Rapids. Both are passionate about all things beer, food, and travel. 

Before meeting, they each traveled while cooking professionally in Alaska, Chicago, and Scotland. Throughout these ventures, they deepened their love for culinary and eventually met while attending GRCC’s Secchia Institute for Culinary Education. Meanwhile, Levi started gaining experience in the craft brewing industry both at home, brewing small batches in his garage, and working at several GR breweries. After graduating from GRCC and 5 months later tying the knot, they decided to take the next step in making Levi’s decades’ long dream a reality and start planning their own brewery-restaurant.

Upon discovering an untapped market for historic style beer in West Michigan, Levi began educating himself in ancient styles. Fusing this with a love for community, he and Callee began searching for a perfect place to call Archival “home.” With roots in West Michigan, they felt Plainfield Township, specifically the old Grand Isle Golf Course, was the ideal location to create a welcoming space close to the heart of Grand Rapids while also providing ample room to share a meal and a drink surrounded by natural beauty. Archival is a culmination of years of culinary exploration and a thirst for going back to brewing origins.

Archival opens its doors to anyone and everyone, in hopes that you’ll find connection over a shared meal and drink, engaging with loved ones and building community.