Recreating History

Recreating History: Why We Do What We Do

You may have noticed from our beer list a few styles you don’t recognize. This isn’t coincidence. We built our brewery around historic styles that tell a story of past cultures (beer pun intended). 

Our owner, Levi, is both a history buff and craft beer nerd. His downtime is spent researching old beer recipes, most predating Prohibition, while sampling historic styles from around the world. 

So much of why beer was created was based on necessity. What ingredients were available, what the weather was like, the brewer and end consumer’s livelihoods, and so much more. You couldn’t always procure a German malt if you were brewing in the US. Growing regions dictated so much of the historic styles because of crop viability. Certain varieties of hops weren’t available in every region – or at all! Reasons for brewing varied so vastly among styles from celebration to sanitation to mistake turned delicious discovery. 

Every single beer tells a story.